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Aroma Mist Dispenser

Aroma Mist Dispenser


This SUPERFRESH Formulation is the perfect way to fight unwanted odours and freshen the air in your home or office immediately.
Our range of air fresheners freshen the air and make your home and other living space uniquely inviting.
Refresh your senses after a long day of work with this manual spray.
Be in control of the level of fragrance that you want in the air.

Use instructions
• Install the container in a dispenser at a recommended height of 2m from the floor.
• Keep at least 2.5m away from food or direct with face.
• 35 days supply for 15 minutes spray interval ; 60 days supply for 25 minutes spray interval.

Available variants and sizes
• Lavender: 300ml with starter pack, 300ml refill can
• Citrus: 300ml with starter pack, 300ml refill can
• Vanilla: 300ml with starter pack, 300ml refill can

Packing per carton
• 300ml Dispenser x 12
• 300ml can x 24