Healthcare Hygiene

As the leading hand hygiene expert in Japan, Saraya is dedicated to the protection and well-being of human life. Saraya Healthcare Hygiene combines an extensive infection prevention system with hand hygiene, surface disinfection, medical device reprocessing and personal protective equipment.

We are also a major contributor to hospital sanitation education and research. Our own research, academic support and education help healthcare professionals perform at their best with reduced risk of infecting patients.

Infection Control

Every day, SARAYA helps keep millions of hands clean all over the world. Since 1952, our pioneering vision and sense of social responsibility have earned us the respect of businesses, schools, the government and households all over Japan. Patients are at risk of infection from multiple sources. SARAYA’s healthcare hygiene program helps reduce the potential for infection from hands, surfaces, invasive medical instruments and endoscopes.
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medical instrument

Medical Instrument Reprocessing

Medical Instrument Reprocessing is one of the essential components of Infection Prevention and Control. For smooth operation of devices and safe patient care, thorough cleaning is important prior to disinfection or sterilization. Saraya's Medical Instrument Reprocessing products are developed to provide healthcare facilities multiple washing and disinfection options for proper and effective reprocessing.
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Personal Protective Equipment

Hand hygiene and surface disinfection provide a large degree of prevention against infection, however the use of personal protective equipment allows healthcare workers to care for patients and perform invasive or potentially contaminating procedures with a lower risk. Saraya provides all essential personal protective equipment for healthcare use.
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As a leader in dispensing technology, SARAYA has created many great devices for providing hand hygiene products easily. We also developed a full range of accessories and amenities which can be combined to our chemicals and dispensers. Cross-contamination can pose a serious threat to your health. Fortunately, we can eliminate some of the surfaces with no-touch technology. Saraya has been a strong advocate of reducing cross-contamination and has been a forerunner in no-touch dispenser technology. All of our hand hygiene products are supported with no-touch dispensers, which are unrivaled in reliability, function and quality.
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