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Public Hygiene

Public Health & Hygiene combines all aspects of infection countermeasures through hand sanitation, medical equipment reprocessing and surface disinfection. We are also a major contributor to hospital sanitation education and research. Saraya publishes quarterly magazines, sanitation handbooks and manual posters. In addition, we provide live support through lectures and scholarly presentations, backing up the medical hygiene field with our own research.


Get comprehensive resources to assist in your housekeeping responsibilities with our highquality, cost-effective cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting solutions. Whether you are in need of cleaning chemicals, cleaning supplies or facilities maintenance products and much more, you'll find a Goodmaid solution that fits your needs whether you are in the commercial or domestic sector.
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floor care

Floor Care

The appearance of your floor is always an indicator of cleanliness and maintenance on the facility. Dirty and starched floors will impose the impression that your facility's cleanliness standard is lacking. Goodmaid PRO understands the important of floor maintenance and thus provides different floor cleaning products which leave your floors looking brand new and good guest experience.
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personal care

Personal Care

Goodmaid Pro understands the importance of hand hygiene & personal hygiene and thus we provide different type of personal care products which cater to this need. In year 2017, we have new range of hand hygiene & personal care products.
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Laundry Care

Our complete range of industrial laundry care is specially formulated to clean, disinfect, soften and deodorise all types of fabric. From detergent to bleaching fluids, we have a comprehensive range of industrial laundry chemicals, including specialised products, designed for various purposes and ease of use. All our specially formulated laundry products are compatible with all leading commercial laundry equipment.
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At Goodmaid Chemicals Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (GCC), our list of industrial products extends to miscellaneous items to cater for unique and specific cleaning needs. As the "Total Industrial Cleaning Specialist", we want to provide you with a spectrum of cleaners to clean and deodorize various items for a more hygienic environment.
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