Consumer Range And Services

Our range of high quality consumer products are leading household brands can be found in many Malaysian homes - and around the world. We manufactured and marketed our range of consumer products under the brand name "Goodmaid", "Goodmaid Bio", "Goodmaid CARE", and "COCOREX", these brand are specifically developed and formulated to provide convenience, efficacy and "peace of mind" to consumers' household cleaning needs and expectations.

With the help of cutting edge research and development facilities, Goodmaid offers GOOD QUALITY, BEST VALUE products.


Goodmaid® provides wide selection of household cleaner product to keep your bathroom, kitchen and living room have a sparkle surface - so you and your family can enjoy a clean and safe environment at home. Goodmaid is ensure every surface and space around your house will be covered as clean.

Dishwash / Floor Care / Fabric Care / Toilet Cleaners / Scouring Range / Specialized Cleaners / Surface Cleaner / Air Freshener

Goodmaid Activ

Goodmaid Activ with SUPERCLEAN formulation caring on your cloth and getting cleaner, brighter and leaves your cloth a fresher smelling. For your everyday laundry needs, we have the perfect solution to get your laundry looking its best. Goodmaid Activ with it own solution make doing laundry into easy way.


Goodmaid CARE

Goodmaid CARE provides you and your family with an optimal balance of moisturisation and protection to cleanse, hydrate and refresh your skin. Goodmaid CARE offers a range of products which helping to care of your personal hygiene and dedicated especially to enhance your every day.

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COCOREX® is powerful bleach cleaner to perform and wash all your worries stain away and kill 99.99% germs. Its maximum strength stain remover does wonders on even the toughest of stains you never thought you’d ever get rid of. Use it in every load, to pre-treat or just leave it to soak in.

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Goodmaid Bio

Our green cleaners offer environmentally-safe and biodegradable cleaning agents and also provide your home for effective cleaning results. It is safe and effective at cleaning, degreasing, disinfecting, and deodorizing kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, bedrooms and more!

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Baby Bio

Baby BIO is a baby care brand derived from 100% natural-based active ingredients that’s catered towards the delicate nature of baby’s health and wellbeing

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© Saraya Goodmaid Sdn. Bhd. All rights reserved.